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Raise Money for a School Trip or Community Group

Carrot poster in Web page Format
Just in time for gourmet meals, this carrot fundraiser is simple. You get 30% of proceeds. Click to download poster for your needs.

Raise money selling healthy food.  We have helped schools raise money for extra-curricular activities and helped students dicscover some healthy eating habits along the way.

Christmas Carrots

(enter school name)

 fundraiser for the

 (special project or  event)

A gourmet blend of

 crisp sweet carrots.

  • Organically Grown & Local

Orange & Rainbow Colours

1 pound baby carrots for snacks

3 pounds medium and large carrots for cooking


Carrots are delivered to school for students to take home.

School receives 30% of all proceeds.

        Grown by:

Moonlight Crofters Organic Farm

Organic methods – Gourmet food

613 649-2190

  moonlightcrofters@gmail.com1320 Scotch Bsh Road, Douglas, ON, K0J 1S0