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We are serious about nutrition and sustainable agriculture.  Kathleen (M.Sc. Nutrition, McGill 1997) and Marshall (M.Sc. Forestry & Environmental Studies, U of T, 1994), started Moonlight Crofters with 50 acres in the year 2000.  We now farm on 280 acres and have established our own production kitchen for making gourmet food from the meat and produce we grow.  This facility is inspected regularly by the Renfrew County District Health Unit. 

We have a herd of 36 Scottish Highland cattle with some cross-bred to Angus.  Scottish Highlands grow much more slowly than other breeds which make them well suited to a grass diet and the slow growth gives the meat more flavour.  We only sell meat from animals born on our farm.  That way we have full control over their diet and care.

Grass-fed means just that!  Many other beef sellers actually buy calves in the spring, pasture them for the summer and then sell them as grass-fed beef.  But, these calves are usually grain-fed until they are about 700 pounds, at which time they are sold as stockers, for other farmers to finish raising.  If you want truly grass-fed beef, make sure you ask your farmer for all the details about how the animal are raised.

Our calves are raised with the herd as one big family.  Calves nurse until their own mother weans them, usually about 6 months.  In summer, each pasture contains a portion of forest where the cattle can seek shade and shelter.  In winter the cattle are fed hay.  They are exclusively grass-fed and are antibiotic and hormone free.

Soil conservation, crop rotation and lots of organic matter are the keys to producing great tasting, herbicide and pesticide free vegtable crops.

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Marshall Buchanan, R.P.F.
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