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Grass-fed Beef Freezer Box

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Beef boxRaising good beef is about much more than just the grass-fed diet. Our Scottish Highlands are raised as a family. Calves are never separated from their mothers and are allowed to nurse as long as their mother permits. All of our pastures have some forested sections so the cattle get variety in their diet and access to the calming effect of natural woodlands. And of course we love them!

Scottish Highlands are a rare breed, probably because they grow much more slowly than other types of cattle. As such they are probably the best breed to raise for grass-fed beef. We do not give the animals hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.

The patient farmer is rewarded with beef that has more flavour, yet is lean and not greasy. You won’t feel like you need to take a nap after eating our beef because the fat profile of the meat is so healthy.

Cook this meat only to medium rare for a succulent, fresh Neanderthal dining experience!

Example Contents:

  • 10 lbs ground beef
  • 4 lbs Slow Cooking Roast
  • 4 lbs Boneless Stew
  • 7 lbs Steak (T-Bone or Rib, Sirloin, Eye of Round, Blade Eye or Fillet)